SATA III Cable, 18-inch SATA III 6.0 Gbps Left Angle 7pin Female to Left Angle Female Data Cable with Locking Latch Compatible HDD, Red

About this item

❤ SATA revision 3.0 (aka SATA III) provides up to 6 Gbps data throughput, Backwards compatible with SATA revision 1 and 2 (aka SATA I and SATA II)

❤ This Cable connect motherboards and host controllers to internal Serial ATA hard drives and DVD drives

❤ 90-degree design can make for better cable management in some situations, especially in tight spaces

❤ Includes locking latch on each end of the cable to ensure it doesn’t work itself loose

❤ Please be sure to check your case to see which way you need the cable to be angled

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Compatible DevicesDVD Player
Data Transfer Rate6 Gigabits Per Second

.Side 1: Left Angle 7-pin SATA Plug
.Side 2: Left Angle 7-pin SATA Plug
.Cable Length: 0.45 Meter
.Latest SATA Revision 3.0 up to 6 Gbps
.Backwards compatible with SATA 1.0, 2.0 Ports
.Please note the data transfer of the SATA subsystem will be limited to that of the slowest device